Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kashmir & sufi music

The word Sufi came from Arabic word "Suf" which means pure.Sufis are called so because their inner world is purified and enlightened by the light of wisdom, unity and oneness.
In Sufi music,the songs of the poet-singer invariable between the moods of the lovers and the saints, the beloved.

It's said that sofiana mosiqui came to Kashmir from Iran in  15th century.Over the years, it has established own identity by incorporating Kashmiri music.When one listens to Tajik music, one can hardly find any difference between Kashmir and Irani music.There are only a few families in Kashmir who are practicing this musical form in Kashmir. Whereas the tallest ustad Ghulam Mohd. Qaleenbaft is unable to move out because of health problems, Ustad Ghulam Mohd. Saznawaz and Ustad Abdul Ghani Namathali are imparting training to their family members and are the practicing artists.Ghulam Mohammad Saznawaz is the only existing master of Kashmiri Sufiyana Music in the world. He has opened a school to teach his genre of music, although it does not attract many students from Kashmir because of religious and social prejudice.

Kashmiri musicologist is struggling to revive the 500 years old sofiana mosaqi drawn from Sufi which is dying after decade of neglect.

Though the advancement of technology has given newer topics to Kashmiri music, yet still we find the neo-poetry of Kashmiri Sufi songs  through in a very meager number.

There is no denying the fact that sufism and spiritual form the sheet anchor of Kashmiri poetry.

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