Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I hope one day

Being filmmaker in Kashmir is either person have gone nuts or practically being unemployed.In Kashmir either doctor,engineer,lawyer,teacher,contractor or shopkeeper.

Film making in Kashmir is a distant dream.If you want to be filmmaker you have to moved out of Kashmir.

In Kashmir very few films have been made in past.
The first kashmiri to be made was Maniz raat,which i got chance to see on Lok sabha tv few moths ago.
Second film to be made was Habba khatoon,thought i don't know weather it was film or made for local tv channel Doordarshan.
After that no feature film have been in Kashmiri though few claim they have made.
once such film is Akh daleel loolech, a love story set against background of tyrannical dogra rule.They claim that they made a feature film after long gap and was box office success since there are not cinema hall to show film.
Another film "Khudi" loosely based on Ayn Rand's fountainhead". The director of a film Ali emraan khureshi also claim same but i don't want to go in detail as he is good friend.
Lately i saw the trailer of "Gandukh"a Urdu film inspired by Iranian cinema by young kashmiri guy.I like the trailer but only wish the film was made in kashmiri rather than Urdu.

All these film are good start for Kashmir own  film industry but we have long way to go.

We don't have equipment and professional.No distributor ,financiers and cinema hall.Most of cinema hall closed after militancy.

Govt. or j and k bank  could start a film development board to grant fund to make film but they are indifferent.

I hope one day Kashmir will have there own film industry, filmmaker, film awards....i hope one day.

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