Sunday, August 23, 2015


Noon chai or sheer chai as called by Kashmiri pandits is favourite tea of every Kashmiri person though i prefer Lipton chai  more than noon chai.
Noon is a typical Kashmiri tea served every breakfast and evening  in every house of Kashmir.
Noon chai is made in special pot called “samovar”.It is served with traditional Kashmiri breads like czochworu,czot,lavasa etc made by kashir kandur, kashmiri name to bakery found every nook and corner.

 Noon chai is traditionally made from special tea leaves,milk,salt, pistachios,almonds,cardamon and cinnamon.A pinch of baking soda is added to help give it more of  a pink color.
It sounds like an epilogue to a mystery thriller.Many believe that tea was introduced in Kashmir by Mirza Haider from Yarkand,some believed it came from Tibet as it resemble the butter tea of Tibet.
Different opinion may exist but unlocking the origin is like jigsaw puzzle.